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Welcome to odhran.info

I'll use this site to keep everyone in touch with what myself, Jen, Lara, Fionn & Cian get up to.  Seen as we're so far away in Australia, it's a great way for people to see what we're doing with ourselves.

A bit about me

I'm from Dublin and before moving to Australia, spent most of my time there.  We lived in Cyprus for a short period.  I studied at University College Dublin, where my subjects were German & Economics.  Id a lengthy stint in Germany, living in a number of cities during my time there.  I set up my own sports advertising business, running it successfully before selling up and moving to Melbourne with Jen & Lara.  Since arriving in Australia we've had two more kids, Fionn & Cian.  I work in sales, for a Data Services Consultancy, while Jen is a Consultant at the Royal Women's Hospital.